NetNutrition FAQ

NetNutrition Frequently Asked Questions

     A. How do I use NetNutrition®?

     B. What if I have Allergy questions?

     C. What is Choose Orange?

     D.  How do I figure portion sizes?

     E. How are values calculated in NetNutrition®?

     F.  I am a vegetarian What can I eat?


    A. How do I use NetNutrition®?

  1. Click on NetNutrition®
  2. Choose the dining location. (Student Union, Kerr Drummond, Adams Market, SPW, Bennet or Other Campus Location)
  3. Choose the specific dining operation such as Bread and Beyond in the Student Union
  4. Choose daily selection, date, and meal (e.g. lunch) where applicable.
    • You can plan ahead by looking at different dining areas and meals to review menu options.
    • Menus will be provided to include 5 consecutive days.
  5. Don’t forget to add any condiments, beverage, or breads to complete your meal.

      Nutrition Analysis

  1. Choose the menu items you want to analyze.
    • Don't forget to change the standard serving size (located on the far right) to reflect your actual portion size.
  2. It’s easy to get nutrition information by simply hovering over the desired items. Or you can select the item(s) you want to review, and then select “Item Nutrition”. Compare items side by side and see which one is a better choice for you.
  3. To get your entire meal’s nutritional information, select the desired item(s) and click “Add Items”. You will see your options in the upper right corner under “My Meal”. By clicking “Meal Nutrition” you can review the total nutritional content of your selected meal.

        Allergy and Preference Filters

  • Use the Allergy filter to control which foods are displayed. The most common allergies are listed on the right side. Check all of the allergens you want to avoid and those food items containing the allergen will no longer be displayed on the menu. For example, if you check the allergen box for milk, only menu items without milk will appear on your list of menu choices.
  • Also notice the Preference filter which offers our most common food preferences including vegan, vegetarian, and choose orange icons. As you filter your menu options notice the changes, as foods not containing the specific preference will no longer be displayed on the menu.

·         Manufacturers sometimes change product formulations without notice. We encourage you to talk with a dietician and the dining services nutrition coordinator if you have severe allergies.


B. What if I have Allergy questions?

In NetNutrition®, select and apply allergen filters (located at right of the NetNutrition® home page). Menu items that contain the allergen you selected will be excluded from the list on screen. Example: If the Milk allergen is selected, then only items free of milk will be shown.

Manufacturers sometimes change product formulations without notice. We encourage you to talk with a dietician and the dining services nutrition coordinator if you have severe allergies.

It’s as easy as selecting the wheat/gluten allergen filter in Net Nutrition. Simply find your location, select the wheat/gluten allergen filter and only those items without wheat/gluten will be listed. Many of our menu selections can be altered to be more gluten sensitive friendly. Please ask your server if an item can be prepared with a gluten free substitute (ie: bread, tortilla), however we cannot guarantee a certified gluten free establishment. If you need further assistance, please contact the unit manager. Click here for a list of gluten free substitutes and gluten free individually wrapped snacks.

Our liquid frying shortening is 100% Canola oil in the all-you-care-to-eat dining locations. Chick-Fil-A items are prepared with peanut oil.

C. What is Choose Orange?


D.  How do I figure portion sizes?

  • Baseball= 1 cup of salad greens, 1 medium fruit
  • Computer mouse = ¾ cup
  • Tennis Ball = ½ cup of fresh fruit, cooked rice, pasta, or ice cream
  • Deck of Cards = 3 oz. portion of meat, fish or poultry
  • Dice = 1 teaspoon of margarine, butter or spreads

E. How are values calculated in NetNutrition®?

NetNutrition®’s nutrition analysis is based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Information is established on USDA information, standardized recipes and ingredient labels. All information is approximate, as nutrition values are susceptible to change.

F.  I am a vegetarian. What can I eat?

Simply find your location and select the vegetarian filter and only those items will be listed. The  symbol …….

In NetNutrition®, select “Vegetarian” or “Vegan” preference option to list entrees that are acceptable. In recipe names, (V) indicates a vegetarian option and (Vg) indicates a vegan alternative.


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