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Oklahoma State University
University dining services

Where the Cowboys Dine

Work for UDS

Work for University Dining Services! Convenient scheduling, leadership opportunities, great locations, community and free food.

Current and Prospective Students:

Looking for a part-time job on campus? University Dining Services offers a flexible schedule, competitive wage and meal vouchers for each shift worked. Apply now! 

To apply, either click the button below, or visit one of our managers in person. Many of their offices are in the kitchens on campus. See the description below to find their offices more easily. Employees at these locations are more than happy to help you if you have any questions. Simply stop one of them to ask where the office is you're trying to locate, and they will assist you.

Rick Williamson (Student Union Dining)

Enter through the double doors located between Baja Fresh and Passport on the first floor of the Student Union. Turn right and walk down the hall and take your first right, where you will see his office. Rick's name is on the left side of the door.

Kyle Anstine (Celebrations Catering)

Kyle's office is in 179 Student Union. This is located near Chick-fil-A on the first floor of the Student Union. 

Scott McCollum (Kerr-Drummond and North Dining)

Enter through the main entrance (closest to the University Commons) and head to the back-left corner of the building, past Carvery. Enter through the door to the kitchen and walk straight to the back of the room, where his office is located.

Rick Jackson (Bennett Dining)

Enter through the center door on the North side of Bennett Hall next to the garage door. It has an “Employee Only” sign on the door. Once inside, go up one flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs you will see a short hallway to your left. Rick's office is just down that hallway on the end.

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